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I’m a computer engineer with a passion for technology and an interest in IT management.

My professional background is mixed with all kind of jobs - from sales and carpentry to programming. 
All these experiences have given me a greater understanding of the interplay between producer and consumer. As well as the importance of business relations and good leadership. 

I feel as my experiences together with my dedication, motivation and “hard work” mentality - has been a key factor in developing a well structured, effective and well communicative workflow.

I enjoy working with problem solving tasks, everything from programming to business related problems. In project with small or large budgets - there is always something I can contribute with, to my team and to the client. I want, and work hard, to be the type of person that makes sure to “get things done”. Whether that is from a leading position or a following one - I always communicate and embrace a well structured and transparent work way!


+46 70 161 95 72

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